The last “Mountain Wanderer” train of Stars of Sandstone 2019 pulls into Hoekfontein Station on April 14th 2019.



It was always our intention to put together a one-hour documentary on Stars 2019 which would appear on YouTube with international coverage. However, to edit such a video is a time consuming product, and Ron Nell of Frameline Productions has put together a trailer or sneak preview of the Parade that took place on Saturday, 13th April 2019. While there were many people there on the Saturday, obviously being a 10-day event a substantial number of visitors had already left the show having attended during the previous week. We hope you enjoy the spectacle.

The second section of ‘Reflections of Stars 2019’ covers galleries from well-known photographers.  These will be featured as they come in. The first outstanding set of photographs is from Hannes Paling who has been a stalwart and has never missed a show at Sandstone over the last 20-years. 

We would like to Hannes for these superb photographs.  To contact Hannes please e-mail him at: