Days until Stars of Sandstone 2019

Stars of Sandstone 2019

Work is already underway to prepare one of 2019's biggest Heritage events in the Southern Hemisphere.

Stars of Sandstone 2019 will feature our spectacular 2-ft Narrow Gauge Railway with over 30 operating locomotives. Aircraft from WW2 will overfly the event and on the ground there will be Vintage Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Traction Engines, Military Vehicles and much more.

Our acclaimed team of 24 trained Afrikaner Oxen will pull original Voortrekker wagons to further enhance the heritage focus. The special light, magnificent landscapes and the towering Maluti mountains make the Stars of Sandstone event a truly memorable spectacle. Photographers may also take advantage of the meticulously planned morning locomotive run-pasts.

Join us in 2019 at our truly unique venue to experience the romance and character of a bygone era.

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For a taste of what’s to come

For a taste of what’s to come take a look at the 2017 Stars of Sandstone video below You won’t want to miss 2019!